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[16 Apr 2005|09:36am]

[ mood | creative ]

Yeah so I just joined. Mainly because i've been through a few of those label things

First I was a goth. This all started at the end of my seventh grade year when I had some personal stuff going on and I found my music. I didn't particularly fit into the mold people made for me but whatever.

Then, beginning eighth grade my typical black tees, baggy jeans, and converse made me goth all over again. This time I guess my personality KIND OF fit into this stupid label but only because I was going through some stuff. I got so sick of hearing "Hey Sarah, did you go gothic?" and so many people
s ubscure views on what goth was I was just like "Whatever. I am what you think I am.." One of my FRIENDS and I were having a discussion about another friend of mine and his athiest views and my FRIEND even said she thought I believed in that stuff at first, just by looking at me.

Then I became...emo. I don't particularly like this label because it's kind of hard /not/ to be EMOtional at least for some point of your life. Anyway I listen to emo music and crap so I guess those who label could still consider me emo.

Now a direct quote from a friend of mine who happens to be a bit of a hardcore goth: "You're more punkish. Maybe /light/ goth." so I guess i'm punk/emo/goth/MYSELF all rolled into one?

Anyway after all that. The point is I think sometimes labels are made when we don't even intend to make them. Some of them are just fact. There /are/ preps. There /are/ goths. But seperating these things into thousands of little sub-genres of people is too vague and complicated to even get into...
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[20 Aug 2004|07:16pm]

[ mood | creative ]

Part of your high school debate team?
Are you conservative or liberal? Do you want to use these viewpoints in topical debates to win points for your side?

Then join

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[22 Jan 2004|02:24pm]



Emo tears.
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I'm new. [13 Dec 2003|05:14pm]

[ mood | content ]

Hey, I'm new. I joined this community because it bothers me when people get called a poser. I mean, what makes them think they have the right to label you? Do they know you? No. What nerve they have. I don't feel I have the right to label someone. They can be whoever they want. Fine by me, as long as they enjoy doing it. I myself, don't have a label.

So, I'm glad I found a community that pertains to this subject. I hope I'm welcome.

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[29 Nov 2003|05:11pm]

well people label me as a poser. they think i pose as
A) a skater
B) a punk
C) biker
D) a cool kid

yeah my friends are like ur the biggest poser ever, well im sorry if i dont do the same stuff every day or dress the same every day. i think i just pose as my self. if thats possible. yeah just because i kinda dress like a skater nad i dont really know how to skate very well doesnt mean im a poser ...right? at least i attempt it. yeah and well beinmg a punk i kinda am i listen to the punk music the oldiesnd athe new punk.
well if u care to comment u can...

add me as ur friend if u wanna
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What puts someoen into a group/ label? [26 Apr 2003|08:02pm]

[ mood | confused ]

Alright, this question has been rolling around in my head for too long: I'd like some answers.

What makes someone a geek? What makes someone a goth/skater/whateverthehelltheycallthatperson? I've been wondering about this for a long time. In school, I was always the scrawny, tall kid who everone picked on. It sucked like nothing anybody can imagine. Back then, there really weren't any clicks, but there were two groups. The popular kids and the unpolular kids. It was simple; there lied its beauty. You were in one or the other, weither you liked it or not.

Now, getting ready for high school, matters have changed. No longer am I a scrawny kid. And yet, I still get flak occasionally. I kind of have this idea about labels; im just wondering if anyone out there agrees.

I think labels are created by the "upper" class, and they do so in a fashion to place themsleves in a more favorable position than those they despise. Hence, they call themselves preps and jocks and group those who they feel are "lower" than them in labels they can use against them (like 'nerd' or 'geek'). Eventually, these kids who are torment get this idea they are indeed a lower life form.

If that makes any sense at all.

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[26 Apr 2003|07:58pm]

[ mood | good ]

I for one do not mind being labelled that much, because a) it gives me an identity with people and b) they're usually wrong so it doesn't matter. Has anyone found that being labelled is sometimes good?

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[19 Apr 2003|11:45am]


i just did a new layout. or sign the gb.

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[14 Apr 2003|12:22am]

will someone please, once and for all, define what emo music is.

is it rock? punk? just artsy?

does it encompass more than one genre?

if so, does that indicate that emo is all about fashion?

YES. right?
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[25 Mar 2003|04:41pm]

i need you cool people to join my new community.

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[22 Mar 2003|08:22am]

[ mood | gloomy ]

Wow... I haven't posted in here for a while.

I think everyone in this community pretty much despises labelling, besides the fact that we all seem to do it. And I hate saying it, but I do it all the time. I don't even know I do it. And I feel that human nature has this huge fatal flaw, the way we look at others, and only see external, and we will never get to see the person inside. And that's what's sad, I'll never get to REALLY know the people I meet, because I'll either think inside that they're a bimbo, or they won't want to talk to me.

I go to this group at school called Gay Straight Alliance... and we had a discussion going on... and one of the questions on a sheet of paper asked, "If we were all blind, would the world be better?" and I just thought what a brilliant question that was, because in a way, I feel it was a bit true. We wouldn't care about clothes, or hair, or all of these materialistic things to make us look beautiful. I think we would worry more about who we are inside, because that's all that everyone would see.

As of late, I've become very... hmm... self-aware. I realize that I'm fat. I never really did... because I didn't care what anyone else thought... but now I do. and I hate this feeling, because I'm constantly looking around, and acting weird, like I have a reason to try to be beautiful... which I doubt will ever happen. I've been made fun of for being fat ever since I was a little kid... and I was the girl who cried once a week... and no one cared, because I just had to "handle it"... I got grass shoved in my mouth because i was a "cow", and now, I just feel that I should have done something than just cry...

whoa. I'm getting off topic. But in honesty, I begin to think, if I were any thinner, would I have more friends? If I weren't so ugly, would guys like me? And it's pretty selfish to think about, and I hate thinking about it, but it's true. People never want to look inside of a person who is ugly or fat. And that's me. And maybe I'm ugly inside also. And I have nothing within me... everything that is external is also internal.

And honestly, again, if people judge me for just being overweight, then why should I waste my time with them? Why should I even bother thinking about it?

Out of this whole lifetime, I've had one real friend, that didn't judge me for what I looked like, that didn't care if I was fat or ugly. And everyone else talked behind me back, or didn't know I was alive.

And I'm realizing that if people are going to just look at me and not bother... then I'm not going to bother for them... because I don't have enough time in this world to endlessly walk around in circles.

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hey [23 Feb 2003|10:39pm]

[ mood | curious ]

judging only from my looks, what would you label me?
my picture site~

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I'm new...... [15 Feb 2003|03:10pm]

[ mood | annoyed ]

Well, i'm new (13 yrs.old) and i feel like ranting.

What is the big deal about labels anyway. I find it annoying when people do things just because they are "punk" or just because they are "goth" (ect.) can't people just be themselves and not be restricted by these labels. Most "punks" hate Avril Lavigne because she's a poser. I don't get what the big deal is, if her music is good, then listen to it. If it isn't good, then don't listen to it. Just because of her image, people think that certain bands suck. Like AFI for instance, one of my friends told be that she doesn't like them because of their "goth image." And (most) people don't take the time to acually get to know the people outside of their labels. I bet, if "preps" acually talked to "goths" a little to get to know them, they might acually get along. Just because they don't dress the same, and so forth, doesn't mean that they wouldn't get along. They just assume that the other person isn't "cool" enough to get to know, by they things that society have been telling them. Just because some girl is walking around wearing Aeropostale, dosn't mean she's a bitch.

Even though labels arn't really a big issue for me, i hate it when people claim to be something they arn't. I remember this one time, i went to school wearing a Sex Pistol's shirt, and this one girl (who looked like Avril Lavinge) came up to me and said "who is that guy (Sid Vicious)? He's hot." I thought that was pretty sad.

Well, i'm done rambling, for now.

Peace y'alls

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Wonton and Cracker Jacks... [13 Feb 2003|10:23pm]

Ive joined so many dead communities, tells me this isnt one of them. IT seems interesting. Yes im a newbie, and you can label me just that. Im really contradictory, so too bad. I wanna just throw a subject out there, i havent read everything about what you peeps are sayi8ng about it, but how about those punk labels? Does anyone know what a punk is to begin with? And the music? No use even incorporating it because its dead now, the punk that became popular in the eighties has been corrupetd and destroyed by several pop culture icons. Anyone that can now be called "punk" can be anything from a cheerleader sporting the latest avril look, to someone whos followed the music for years. Theres no longer a set definition.

much love
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hiya [20 Jan 2003|04:57pm]

[ mood | crappy ]

I want a label... I want to be known as something. Hell, why not? Labels are a part of society as a whole, not just in music. But while Im on the topic of music, I would like a label. Im not a "goth" or a "punk" or "emo". There is no label (as far as I know) for the people who like the music I like. Celtic Rock. I dunno, call me a Celt-rocker or something like that. Or how about a Jig-punker (thats what the Prodigals say their music is)


Oh yea... new here :P

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[19 Jan 2003|02:26am]

I'm new... just joined :) found this comm. a bit ago and just never joined....

My opinion...

I personaly don't like labels all that much just because people judge you by who you hang with or what you look like and put a well label on you and stereo type you and you could be the exact opposite of that... take me for example I personally think I have my own style... but other people may label me as a prep just by looking at me... but if you know me then it's a whole different story... I'm very heavily into the "scene" and am in love with all types of music mostly indie, emo, punk and all of those sorts.. but you'd never know it just by looking at me... and when I go to hang out with my friends and they're is a new person with them or someone is walking by it just looks weird I guess because it looks like I don't belong and it makes me mad. But labels will never go away and I have excepted that. People are going to stereo-type you and label you where ever you go. I guess it's just a way of life. I say be who you want to be and don't change for other people. Like when people dress with their music and call theirselves individualists... hey if you want to wear it then more power to you, but if you're just doing it because say mfg or jew wore it and it's that "thing" to do then don't label your self as an individualist if you're just doing whatever one else is doing.

well I could go on forever but I won't... hehe sorry it's so long
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[06 Jan 2003|12:13pm]

How do you feel about people who seem to be constantly pessimistic and fixated on dark thoughts? Personally, they drive me crazy.

And has anyone ever really been emotionally hurt by being labelled?
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Just stating from experience.... [27 Dec 2002|12:47pm]

[ mood | giggly ]

If you call someone a punk or goth, you get communities like this one, but if you call someone a prep, they don't care. Anyone care to explain? Feel free to contradict me.

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[15 Dec 2002|01:49pm]

[ mood | rushed ]

It's human nature to classify people into groups.

Wow. Short post.

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Here I am at the ass crack of dawn, typing away on livejournal about my theoretical opinions.. [25 Nov 2002|07:46am]

[ mood | crazy ]

I'm still not exactly sure what this community is about, though for some reason I feel compelled to join it.. So here goes. This is my first post. My meaning is not to insult, offend, or antagonize. I'm here because I would like to make my opinion clear to anyone willing to have an intelligent conversation. Now, with that said, here is the purpose for the entry.

I apologize ahead of time for the length...

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I'm still not exactly sure what this community is about, though for some reason I feel compelled to join it.. So here goes. This is my first post. My meaning is not to insult, offend, or antagonize. I'm here because I would like to make my opinion clear to anyone willing to have an intelligent conversation. Now, with that said, here is the purpose for the entry.

I apologize ahead of time for the length...
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I do not know much about the "punk scene" or the bands or the time period or anything of that nature. It was never really my preferred cup of joe if you know what I mean. So I'm not even going to bother getting into a debate about something I've no idea about. Okay? Okay.

But something I do know a great deal about is this whole "goth" trend.

<b>The religion issue..</b>
Now since I was in middle school, mind you this was years ago, I have dressed the way that I do. Many times I have been asked if I believe in or worship Satan. Or if I am a witch. Or if I am involved in the occult. Always my answer is no. Of course not. I am agnostic, which means I do not have any set belief. I don't believe that there is or is not a god, or even whether or not religion should even exist. As much as it bothered me in high school, to have ignorant morons ask me these ridiculous things every day, a part of me couldn't help but feel bad for them. Why? Because they are raised in a society where they are taught to believe that if something stereotypically walks and talks like a duck, then there is no doubt that it is a duck. They are not taught to look deeper than the surface. They believe whatever is fed to them because they do not know any better, and their biggest concerns are whether or not people will make fun of them for not having the latest Nike's or Fubu attire. Sickening really, but alas children, this is the world we inhabit. I am getting horribly off topic here. Back to the point. Which is this. It is expected of supposed "goth kids" that they are either into witchcraft or satanism. When in reality your preference of clothing has little to nothing to do with your religious beliefs when all is said and done. If it did then I would go around mismatched or just all together naked since I am not sure what I believe. See what I am getting at here?

<b>The clothing issue..</b>
Now as we all know, when you think of a "gothic" person the first thing that comes to mind is often someone in all black with loads of eyeliner and black lipstick. Tons of metal jewelry, etc. I dressed like that in my last middle school year and all through high school. Though never black lipstick, because I despise it. I have my own reasons for that, and that is going to have to be in another entry. Anyway, the point is, it makes me sick to think that this is what supposedly defines someone as "goth". People always used to say to me in school, and some still do even though I am not in school anymore, that I'm "one of those goth chicks" to which I immediately retort, no, I most certainly am not. I even had someone tell me once, "yeah you are you have your nails painted black and purple". My brain almost had a melt down at the stupidity of that statement. Funny thing about it, was it was this guy who thought he was punk. He did exactly what I avoided by not going into my thoughts on the punk scene. He talked about something of which he knows nothing, and as a result ended up making himself look like a complete moron. His beer tainted belch in my face did not help much, either. I'm always getting off topic. I hate that. I apologize.

<b> True gothic culture..</b>

The basic truth, ladies and gentlemen, is that what society believes to be "the goth look" is nothing more than another generalized trend to make money off of young people too naive to see it.What I am getting at is the fact that it is a physical impossibility for anyone to be a true goth. Why? Well the last time that I checked, human beings were not considered literature OR architecture. See the point is this, gothic culture, in it's true form, has <b><font color="blue">absolutely nothing whatsoever to do with how a person dresses, what bands they listen to, OR even how they think.</b></font> At one point in time part of gothic culture was pertaining to the style of clothing. But unless you are centuries old, it does not pertain to you. So don't bother trying to be a " real goth" because unless you plan on changing the substance you are made up of, it's not going to happen.

<b>The conclusion..</b>

Well there you have it folks, my opinion on this whole label topic. Like it or not, it's how I feel, take it or leave it everything I have said is 100 percent true. But you know what's really funny about the idea of someone considering me gothic? I don't even fit the stereotype anymore.Yes I have an eyebrow piercing, and most of my clothing is still black(which is only because I am too broke to buy anything new), yes I listen to "darker music" but shit, I also listen to bands like coldplay and tenacious d for christ sake. Sometimes I just wish people would wake up and think for themselves. Do some homework on a topic before saying stupid things and being opinionated about things they aren't even familiar with the history of. Sheesh. I wish I could move to Mars. I could start the human trend! Like totally ! .....
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