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Just stating from experience....

If you call someone a punk or goth, you get communities like this one, but if you call someone a prep, they don't care. Anyone care to explain? Feel free to contradict me.
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i used to get the shit kicked out of me for calling someone a preppie when i was in high school... the preppie stereotype is pretentious, rich, stupid, and snobby... no one wants to be that...
I guess that down here in ole' FLA the prep persona has gotten a little distorted because people seem to take it as a compliment. Which goes to show how amazingly stupid we Floridians can be.
Around here 'prep' is used to insult pretty much everyone who doesn't strive to be all hardcore what-have-you, by the self-proclaimed hardcore what-have-yous themselves. As soon as someone shoves themselves into a pair of Dickies, the label is dropped. Though sometimes if a person takes themselves really seriously as (usually) punk-rock, they'll be called that a lot more.

It's two in the morning. Give me a break here.
I'm sorry, but here in Florida, being a prep means you are of the "upper" class. It's gay as hell, I know, but that's kinda how things are. Yeah, my friends and I all hate them with a fiery red passion, but they are the popular group. A bunch of jerks, yes...but somehow popular.

And here we don't have "punks"...we have the skaters (even worse than the preps in many ways)