John Galt (mrhiggy007) wrote in label_debate,
John Galt

Wonton and Cracker Jacks...

Ive joined so many dead communities, tells me this isnt one of them. IT seems interesting. Yes im a newbie, and you can label me just that. Im really contradictory, so too bad. I wanna just throw a subject out there, i havent read everything about what you peeps are sayi8ng about it, but how about those punk labels? Does anyone know what a punk is to begin with? And the music? No use even incorporating it because its dead now, the punk that became popular in the eighties has been corrupetd and destroyed by several pop culture icons. Anyone that can now be called "punk" can be anything from a cheerleader sporting the latest avril look, to someone whos followed the music for years. Theres no longer a set definition.

much love
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