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I'm new......

Well, i'm new (13 yrs.old) and i feel like ranting.

What is the big deal about labels anyway. I find it annoying when people do things just because they are "punk" or just because they are "goth" (ect.) can't people just be themselves and not be restricted by these labels. Most "punks" hate Avril Lavigne because she's a poser. I don't get what the big deal is, if her music is good, then listen to it. If it isn't good, then don't listen to it. Just because of her image, people think that certain bands suck. Like AFI for instance, one of my friends told be that she doesn't like them because of their "goth image." And (most) people don't take the time to acually get to know the people outside of their labels. I bet, if "preps" acually talked to "goths" a little to get to know them, they might acually get along. Just because they don't dress the same, and so forth, doesn't mean that they wouldn't get along. They just assume that the other person isn't "cool" enough to get to know, by they things that society have been telling them. Just because some girl is walking around wearing Aeropostale, dosn't mean she's a bitch.

Even though labels arn't really a big issue for me, i hate it when people claim to be something they arn't. I remember this one time, i went to school wearing a Sex Pistol's shirt, and this one girl (who looked like Avril Lavinge) came up to me and said "who is that guy (Sid Vicious)? He's hot." I thought that was pretty sad.

Well, i'm done rambling, for now.

Peace y'alls
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